January 17th, 2019
Keeping up with AKD

2019 AKD Design Trends

My interior design trend forecast for 2019 and why you should incorporate each of these elements into your home.

1. Color and Pattern

AKD clients are growing weary of the usual cool gray walls and dark hardwood floors. They are starting to embrace thinking more outside of the box and are finding their colorful side. People want their homes to be a reflection of who they are, not just a page out of a catalog. Be prepared to see more individuality, warmth, and personality expressed in homes this year.


2. Custom Everything

Speaking of catalogs, AKD clients are yearning for more custom, unique finds rather than the easily accessible furnishings presented at retail stores and e-commerce sites. Just to be clear: custom does not necessarily mean more expensive, it means getting the special look you want that is layered, textured, and full of personality. (By the way, the AKD Pop Up Shops can do just the trick to meet your need for unique finds, just saying).


3. Painted Cabinets

I have an announcement to make: dark and cherry wood cabinets are officially over and the white kitchen look is becoming quite tiresome to most. That leaves painted cabinets! With the amazing array of colors to choose from, you should really consider giving it a try. It will truly elevate your interiors.


4. Statement Hoods

I foresee range hoods becoming the centerpiece of the modern kitchen. Yes, they are a necessity for a kitchen, but with different metals, shapes and details, they can be a beautiful feature as well.


5. Statement Ceilings

The ceiling, or “6th wall” of any room can be expressively treated. Anything from lacquer paint, to wallpaper, to molding covered can make a room appear larger and brighter. We promise that it will be more memorable than any accent wall could.

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