February 27th, 2019
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How to Create a WOW Worthy Entryway

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Just Back From: India

India, oh India. The prismatic colors everywhere I looked…the friendly people…the food, oh the food!…the constant, beautiful chaos…the incredible architecture…the smells, the tastes, the sounds….I think you get the picture.

The two weeks I spent in this country buying textiles and decor for our next AKD Pop Up Shop in May was one of the most magical experiences of my life. India is almost unique in the world regarding the number and diversity of goods that are still made by hand. Artisanry is a part of daily life here rather than an exception to it. I was mesmerized watching local artists doing their own hand-blocking, weaving rugs, and binding leather notebooks, filled with rice paper, by hand.

Every city we encountered had its own uniqueness and was an adventure onto itself. Udaipur: The Lake Palace Hotel, The City Palace and the quaintness of it. Jaipur: The Pink City, the textiles and the jewelry! Agra: The Taj Mahal – enough said. Varanasi:  The Ganges River, the spirituality, the yoga, and the chaos. Delhi: the Leela Palace Hotel, the artisan markets and the Kahn market.

If I could have brought it all home with me, I would have, but I think you will be pleased with my finds.  Here is a hint of what you can expect to see at the May AKD Pop Up Shop: custom made Caftans, pajama sets, blankets, purses, cashmere pashminas…and much more!  Please save the date for May 16-18 – Details to follow.


If you love reading as much as I do, these two books are a couple of my favorites that really capture life in India. I promise you will be completely enthralled with them, like I was.


Check it out here 

Check it out here


WOW Worthy Entries

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  An entryway is a space to make guests feel like they are going to enter a special place, and it sets the tone for the rest of the home. So, enjoy my tips on making your Entry Wow-Worthy.


Make it Functional

The entryway is the landing area. Being able to provide both seating and a space to store (aka: hide) coats, boots, hats, etc, is key.  All the more better if your coat closet door is lacquered (wink, wink).


Make it Eye Catching

A mirror not only brightens your space by reflecting light, it also creates the illusion your space is actually bigger than it is. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to give yourself a final once-over before heading out the door!


Make it Balanced

When it comes to entry tables (and nearly all aspects of design), achieving balance has as much to do with height as it does with weight. To avoid the look of one solid line running across your table, be sure to change things up. Pull in a taller lamp or stack objects on top of books for a welcome sense of variety.


Make it Fun

A heavy traffic area does not mean you have to lack in style. A handwoven, 100% wool rug is easily cleanable, can handle all the shoes/boots while immediately establishing your home’s personality. Just remember: a good rug pad is key.  


Make it Bright

Natural light is a firm obsession, but we understand many entryways don’t boast a ton of it. When that’s the case, it’s a smart idea to bring in lighting. With the quick flip of a switch, you can flood the area with light and warmth.  Don’t be afraid to get creative here too – these statement pendants do the same trick as a lamp.