December 17th, 2018
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Behind the Scenes: Tribeca Loft Project

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First Things First: Thank You!

This season’s Pop Up Shop was a huge success! With your help, we raised over $20,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention this year from both Pop Up Shops. We appreciate everyone who came out to support the cause and kick off the holiday season! And what’s better? We are already saving the date for next Spring’s Pop Up Shop: May 16-18, 2019! We can’t wait to see you there.


Behind the Scenes: Tribeca Loft Project

I am so excited to be showcasing this incredible project we had in New York City this past year. It is currently up for an International Design and Architecture Award in 2019, so our fingers and toes are crossed.

This bright and airy 4,000 square foot loft is a part of the landmarked Grabler Building in Tribeca. The building was originally built in 1896 and was occupied by Grabler Manufacturing Co, a pipe fitting maker. The building was converted into condos in 2001.

The owners of the loft are both international lawyers and global travelers who buy what they love from their destinations and through galleries they admire. I knew it was an assignment I would be drawn to as a traveler and art lover myself.

Our direction from the client was to make their home a chic, modern, and sophisticated Manhattan Loft that would make all their art visible to enjoy and, yet, still work with a 7 year old in the household. We set about our task ready to create an at home gallery and relaxing space for this family. Our first step was to unwrap all these wonderful pieces of art that had been hidden under tables in bubble wrap for years. Our vision became this art wall we designed as well as special placements for each curated piece.

Next, for the furnishings, we took our cues from the architecture, playing feminine against masculine. The sofas and cocktail tables reiterate the curves of the windows, while the leather daybed suggests the strength of the columns that run the length of the condo.

The end product was refined pieces working with the primitive artwork – one enhancing the other. The palette is soft and pretty, like the sky views throughout the loft, with materials ranging from lacquer to mohair to leather.

It was so exciting to see the homeowners’ amazing art collection and our design vision come together. This entire loft came to life in such a special way.

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